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About Us

Benir Tours and Travel Limited is a Kenyan owned fast growing travel management company located in Nairobi offering you the freshest travel experience both local and internationally.

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Our Services

Our travel services ranges from Corporate, Leisure to Humanitarian just to ensure that no one misses out the chance to tour the globe. We work with individual, Corporate, Government, Church groups, NGOs, Humanitarian agencies and Missionary agencies.

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Why Benir Tours and Travel Limited


We receive referrals and repeat sales from our clients due to the confidence they have in our service delivery.


We offer a wide range of travel services that caters for your specific travel needs, whether you are an individual, corporate, government institutions, church group, humanitarian agency, missionary or NGO, you have a special place with us.


Our travel consultants are experts in the industry and innovative to ensure you get current reports for your travel destinations. Our drivers are qualified with concreate experience of serving customers.


We listen to your case and needs, negotiate for discounted rates depending on your category of work.

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